Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Warning About Hypnosis and Submission

I have been listening to hypnosis MP3s made by several different Hypnodommes. Mostly it has been their free samples. I am not being cheap, I don't mind to pay, but I do want to see what quality I can expect before I invest. There are many surprises when listening to these MP3s. I was glad I had been forewarned to preview them without letting myself be hypnotized.

There are at least two professional "Dommes" who give suggestions during these MP3s that the listener will have intense headache pain if they attempt to listen to another Domme's hypno sessions. I think this kind of suggestion should be criminal. If I did have headaches after that I think I should be able to sue. There was no mention in the description of these files was I told that such a suggestion would be given.

Many of the "Dommes" try to addict the subject, telling the listener to crave more and more, to buy more and more, to pay tribute and offer gifts to the Hypnodomme. At least one tells the subject that no one else will be able to hypnotize him after listening to her then she tells the subject he is her slave and must keep buying her sessions. If someone accepted these suggestions I think they would be trapped since no one else could undo these suggestions. I am sure it would take a professional to fix the problems created by all of this.

If I put aside all the unethical things there is still the thing that many of these "hypnotists" are offering nothing much more than phone sex material. There's nothing wrong with that but I was not looking for phone sex or porn. I was looking for a real hypnosis session that would either be erotic or dominating.

I thought this Hypnodomination thing would be a good thing but almost all that I have seen seems like a ruthless scam. I haven't previewed MP3s from all the Hypnodommes so there may be some commercial ones that are good but I haven't found one yet.

There are some non commercial Hypnodommes that have good reputations. One in England has a nice voice and even though a lot of her material is centered mostly on her it doesn't seem dangerous. There is one Goddess Hypnodomme who seems very ethical. I would discuss her but she gets irate if people do not precisely state information about her. There is one woman from the Southern US that has several free sessions. She has a warm, sensual voice and she seems very conscious about not addicting the listener to her. She has a good hypnosis technique and her sessions are erotic but in a classy way. She is the only one so far that would make me want to further pursue her works as she seems caring and careful.

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